Friday, October 2, 2015

The Gold Standard

The Gold Standard

The original Golden Retriever in the middle

The Golden Retriever pattern has a following that is hard to be denied. It's a time proven pattern that fishes well on almost every water I've fished. I can't say that about many flies. But why? What makes this pattern so effective? Is it the Gold/Peach Estaz? Or the trigger point of the red thread body? Is it the marabou tail? Or the gold bead? I have fished the pattern in root beer, white, pink and black color variations....but hands down, the original golden is king.

SO, in an effort to test the pattern a bit, this season I tied up 6 each of 3 versions of the GR. And used them interchangeably throughout this season. One version with gold dumbbell eyes, one with no bead, but heavily weighted with lead wire and the original. Yet all with the same materials in body/tail/hackle.

Once again the original came through. Almost identical flies with the same marabou tail action, and red/gold body. Yet the original with the bead head stood out dramatically. The others did not go fishless, however a number of times it was doing nothing until I switched back to the original.

I guess when something works, you don't waste too much time asking "why?". The combination of the Golden Retriever, though basically just another version of the wooly-bugger, just plain old works.

And every fall it seems to bring the largest fish of the year to hand.


The tying video can be found in my "video archive", or in the "most viewed" bar on the right.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tying the Little Perch Streamer

Little Perch Streamer

The Perch Streamer was tied recently to mimic the color and flash of a 2" Yellow Perch Rapala.  I watched it do very well on bass while fishing a local small pond and though, "Huh?...I bet I could copy that in a streamer." A night on the bench and this was the result. Fished only once to date, it did very well on those very same bass. Durable and easily replicated, the options are limited only to your imagination.

Little Perch Recipe

Hook: #4 Daiichi 2370 7X  Dick Talleur
Thread:  6/0 Black
Abdomen:  Orange-Dyed Diamond Braid (Flanked Red)
Belly:  Gold Crystal Flash
Back: Olive Super-Hair (Barred Black)

AND NOW!...For A NON-FLY FISHING Announcement!

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And now, back to our regularly scheduled fly tying.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Rebuilding Classic Glass (Continued)

The Build Continues.....

With the rod broken down to the blank and cork, and in the hands of rodsmith, things are coming together.  Cork will remain the same, as will the superfine front taper. The hardware will be black with the same spacing as the Orvis Far-and-Fine. 

Reel seat spacer is the one below, but with blued hardware.

Buckeye Burl

The Garrisson-Style hardware should fit the rods look nicely, as will the Merlot wraps with black tipping.

Look for more updates as the process moves forward.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tying The Cutthroat Fly

The Cutthroat Fly

This pattern was tied for Sea-Run Cutts on the Nisqually River in Western Washington in the early 90's. Adapted from the "Polar Gibson", I was looking for a darker hackle and thorax. After trying several variations, this pattern emerged and began to produce. Myself and others referred to it as "The Cutthroat Fly", and it was never named. It also pulled double-duty on the Olympic Peninsula for Summer Run Steelhead, specifically on the Satsop River. Having not fished it in nearly 20 years I offer it to anyone who is able to hit those northwest waters and hope it still brings fish to hand. 

TCF Recipe

Hook:  #6-8 Low-Water Salmon
Thread:  70 Ultra-Thread (Flo Orange)
Tail:  Orange Tippet
Rib & Tag:  Small Gold Tinsel
Abdomen:  Orange Hareline Rabbit
Thorax:  Black Ice-Dub (Originally Haretron)
Hackle:  Furnace Hen under Cree Dry